Jahr der Veröffentlichung 2011

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Wooden house structure

1.Steel structure bottom support

2.Canada 2nd level red cedar

3.Stainless steel with plating golden black color

4.6+6+6 2 layer glass


Garden house function:

1.Leisure room

2.Sauna room

3.Shower enclosures


Leisure room Configuration:

1.Top light, colorful led

2.Leisure tea table(optional)

3.Leisure stool(optional)


Sauna room configuraiton:

1.Control system :GY160

Function : Sauna switch , light on/off,color led adjuster,temperature display&adjuster,

time display& adjuster ;FM radio , blue tooth function , Lock function

2.Heater :6KW Harvia sauna stove (with stone stove frame )

Accessory: light , led , thermometer , sandglass ,spoon& bucket


Shower enclosure Configuration:

1.America Aristech acrylic /artificial stone with ceramic tiles (prevent slip)

2.Shower panel (top shower, movable shower)

3.8mm temperate glass